Woodstock Day School Library

The WDS Library is a vibrant, bustling educational hub that warmly welcomes our entire school community at all times. The library is a source of inspiration, an intellectual resource, and a sanctuary. It is a comfortable and inviting space, widely used by our entire student body (2 to 18 years old), faculty and staff, and a popular spot for parents and children after school.

Central to the library program is developing and nurturing in our students a sense of wonder and curiosity in the world around them. Mastering the skills of good research and inquiry is essential and a significant part of our program. We equally value and foster in our students the desire to seek, question, and discover, and to that end, the library program is infused with both overt and subtle paths to wonderment.

In Nursery School and Preschool creating and establishing a positive and vibrant relationship to reading through listening to and telling stories is paramount. Students come to the Library once a week, experiencing a vast array of stories introducing them to new ideas, places, different writing styles and narratives, diverse illustrations, and interactive and rhythmic stories. The literary excitement continues in Kindergarten as students start to choose their own books, an empowering and edifying experience. As students enter 1st Grade they further their literary skills by learning how to choose the “just right book” for them, one to read at their own pace and level.

Students in the Lower School continue to come to Library classes once a week, although they are always welcome before and after school, and at recess as the wintry weather approaches. In 2nd and 3rd Grade the Library is brimming with excitement as the students learn where all the books are, delighting in the various sections of the Library such as Making Things, Is it Real?, Biographies, Lego books, Folklore, Graphic Novels, and so much more. In Middle School, we delve deeper into the vast reaches of the library and also continue to read aloud to the students, exposing them to rich and more complex novels. We have  a weekly Literary Luncheon Book Club, open to all students Middle School.

The Upper School students have full access to the library throughout the day and after school. The librarian participates and works with the Upper School in a number of ways;  assisting with research, working as a Mentor for Senior projects, leading independent reading projects with classes, or collaborating with Upper School staff, and guiding and participating in book discussions.


One of the primary goals of the WDS Library Program is to develop in students a pleasurable, fun, and positive connection to books and language. To that end, we encourage students of all ages to give their input in many aspects of the Library. They actively participate in suggesting books to purchase, creating the Library theme, maintaining book displays, writing book reviews, creating book trailers in collaboration with our Media Department, and more.

By observing changing patterns in how people look for information, we have overhauled the Dewey Decimal System, creating a more user friendly and current Library organization, facilitating greater independence. In direct response to student interests, new sections of the library are always being constructed (e.g. Superheroes, Making Things, etc.)·  Our library collection is eclectic and current so as to meet the needs and interests of all of our students and it is of the utmost importance to the librarian to know each student. We have forged relationships with public libraries in the area, furthering our student’s consciousness of how to avail themselves of information outside of their immediate environment.  Our annual week-long Book Fair, which transforms our campus into a highly anticipated literary theme each spring, brings authors to campus and unites our community around the wonder of books!

Come and read with us!