5th Grade

The theme for our 5th Grade year is Frontiers; weaving through all their subject areas, 5th Graders learn about pioneers of all kinds, and investigate questions like: Why do people move? What makes people explore the unknown? What is courage? How are limits evolving? What do problem solvers do when they get stuck?

5th Grade Humanities explores the crossing of frontiers by the early colonial pioneers, the Founding Fathers and their vision for the republic that became the United States, and conclude the year with the space race. Literature Circles, journal writing, blog posts, letters, short stories, essays, and reviews hone their writing skills, and investigating tales, songs, art, and photographs, hone their interpretive skills.  Field trips to places of local interest, practice include reading and interpreting maps, distinguishing between fact and opinion, using primary documents, and reading and understanding nonfiction articles give students the opportunity to be historians and critical thinkers.

Students in Fifth Grade continue with Singapore Math. Major topics for the year include number and operations with Algebraic thinking, Base 10, and fractions, plus measurement and data, and geometry.

In Science, 5th Graders connect to the theme of Frontiers with studies of the structures and properties of matter, matter and energy in organisms and ecosystems, and Earth systems, and space systems. Hands’ on projects and experiments build their skills as budding scientists. In the spring, students design their own group experiments for presentation at our annual spring Science Expo.

5th Graders continue their study of Spanish, always with a focus on speaking. 5th Graders learn from and listen to songs and children’s books and start identifying parts of a sentence (subject, verb, noun, and adjective).

A rich assortment of arts classes and residencies, including music (students choose an instrument of choice to study), ceramics, studio art, drama, African drumming and dance, media arts, plus library, physical education, and weekly buddies round out the year of exploring, creating, inventing, and sharing across many domains. 5th Graders are also invited to audition for the Middle School play, the annual MS/US musical, and to join a MS interscholastic team, all of which take place after school.