Middle School

WDS Middle SchoolWelcome to the Woodstock Day School Middle School!

The WDS Middle School, Grades 5 – 8, are critical years in the development of creative thinking, leadership, and preparing a child for the larger outside world. It is during these years that our Micropolitan approach begins in earnest.

The program is both diverse and focused, directed and creative. Each year, Core and specialist teachers focus on a different theme which is then examined through the prism of various disciplines: Mathematics, Science, English, Social Studies and Language, along with a robust variety of arts and music, including a stint in our state-of-the art Media Lab.

We field MS interscholastic teams in soccer, basketball, and lacrosse, and offer a rich array of After School Enrichment courses, from Robotics to Stop-Motion Animation. Clubs are voted on by the students themselves; the Bad Joke Club narrowly lost this year, but it will no doubt return.

We all know that the Middle School years can be difficult ones, and students this age are renowned for their ability to frown for extended periods of time. And yet the Middle Schoolers at WDS are often our most positive, engaged and vibrant students. Just don’t tell them we told you. We won’t hear the end of it. Please come visit and see for yourselves.