Children must be 3 years, 9 months by September 1, with a minimum 3 Full Day requirement

Our PresSchool is a nurturing, child-centered environment where children have numerous opportunities for emotional, social, intellectual, and physical growth. Each child’s individual needs, abilities, and stages of learning are paramount in the design of our curriculum.

Our classroom has a safe and cozy feel. Respecting others, tolerating differences, negotiating conflict, learning to take turns, and sharing the role of leadership are all an integral part of our daily lives in the class. We foster independence and self-confidence; we role-model and practice the community and social skills necessary for each child to thrive in a supportive and stimulating environment.

During a typical day in PreSchool, we sing, read books, paint up a storm, play imaginatively, build with blocks, pour and fill and explore at the water/tactile table, plant seeds and observe their growth. We fashion collages; act out stories; piece together puzzles; count, count and count some more; learn to write our names; draw with crayons and markers; play outside twice a day; cook or bake weekly; take trips; and have a joyful time together every day! Weekly specials include art, music, library, physical education, Spanish, and science.

We believe that each child develops at her or his own rate, and it is the teacher’s charge to both offer experiences and guide learning in a manner that is respectful of the child’s individual needs. In this way, we support each child to take their next steps towards becoming independent, self-assured, and inquisitive learners and kind friends.