Nursery School

Children must be 2 years, 6 months by September 1. Minimum enrollment is 3 half-day , with flexible scheduling options up to 5 full days.

Our Nursery School is a warm, nurturing, respectful and safe environment for young children to be themselves, explore, and try new things. The philosophy behind our play-based curriculum is that young children learn best through their everyday experiences by doing, playing, moving, exploring, experimenting, and using their senses. In this environment, children can discover the world that surrounds them and develop the capacity to connect with others. Experiential learning within a secure environment where each child is uniquely valued and teachers work to foster secure social connections creates a vital foundation for children to become enthusiastic learners. The activities we plan for children, the way we organize the environment, select toys and materials, plan the daily schedule, and speak with children, are all designed to accomplish the goals of our curriculum in giving your young child a successful start to their journey in school. Our curriculum fosters cognitive, social/emotional, physical and language development in young children.

A typical day in our Nursery School includes an appropriately balanced routine of free choice and structured activities, active social play and quiet independent play, indoor play and outdoor play. Nursery School students have opportunities for sand and water play, block play, art, music, movement, yoga, story time, physical activity, science and math exploration, role-playing and dramatic play and lots and lots of social interactions. Each day our classroom contains carefully planned activities and a selected variety of materials for children to manipulate, explore, observe, listen to, play with, interact with, snuggle, and share. On any given day, a child in the Nursery School may build a bridge for cars or a farm for animals in the block area; create a restaurant or market and run a cash register in the Dramatic Play area; explore with a variety of materials and colors to create art collages or paintings; write friendship messages to classmates; bake, cook, make mud or sand pies, weave, sing, dance and play instruments, all within an overall community-building atmosphere. Our Nursery School classroom is a happy, creative, active, and playful space, supported by our guiding philosophy that children learn best through play…. an ideal environment for young children to make friends, explore, have fun, learn, and grow.