WDS Staff

Our faculty and staff bring their expertise, their passions, their love of children and learning and create magic on our campus. Because we are an end-to-end community, and because so many of our faculty and staff have their own children enrolled at WDS, the teachers make a point of getting to know ALL the children on our campus, not just the ones they teach. Many of our faculty members have been here for many years, and their institutional knowledge helps us to maintain and honor our history, rituals, and traditions year in and year out.

WDS Staff Directory


Extension Faculty Title Email
103 Adrian Hood Dean of Students NS-12 Director of Admissions
121/145 Allison Mitchell 2nd & 3rd Grade Teacher
127 Amy Shapiro Math and Science Teacher
104 Bella Mazzetti College/Senior Counselor & Wellness Teacher
137 Bob Osterhoudt Director of Facilities
116 Brandon Harkin  PE Teacher
122 Caitlin Gallagher Learning Specialist
134 Callie Hershey 4th Grade Teacher
119 Cathy Dawson Science Teacher
140 Chayenne Whitehead Opps Coordinator
101 Colleen Short Nurse
125 Cyn Kendall Student Services
139 Dan Weiser MS/US Science Teacher
122 Dana Bonarrigo Learning Support Coordinator
123 Danielle Payette Art Teacher
102 David Penberg Head of School
143 Debbie Pineiro-Zucker Preschool Assistant/Summer Adventure
133 Elisabeth Perez MS/US French and Spanish Teacher
129 Emily Aptekar US Humanities
115 Emily Smith 6th Grade Teacher
123 Emma Harden Art Teacher
129 Eric Kossoff Middle School History Teacher
106 Faith Otey EC Music
136 Heidi Moxham US Math Teacher, US Coordinator
130 Inyo Charbonneau Ceramics Teacher/ASE Coord.
114 Julie Cook Nursery School Teacher
107 Jeanette Diers Director of Technology
111 JD Louis US English Teacher
131 Jon Vermilyea MS/US Math Teacher
112 Laura Kirn 5th Grade Teacher
121/145 Leslie Benton 2nd & 3rd Grade Assisstant
123 Lewis Burns Art, PE and Learning Lab Teacher
124 Leah Novak 1st Grade Teacher
133 Marina Seraphides EC/LS Spanish Teacher
121/145/156 Meggie Freund Aftercare Director/2nd & 3rd Grade Assist./ASE Coord.
141 Michael Phillips Media Arts Assistant
105 Nancy Finelli Business Manager
137 Nfamara Badjie Maintenance
143 Pam Lord Camara Preschool Teacher/Summer Adventure Director
106 Peter Dougan Music Department Head
108 Robin Shepley-Shornstein School Librarian
120 Summer Adventure Summer Adventure
100 Suzette Bachor Office Manager
124 Tatyana Kodes Kindergarten Teacher
141 Tim Sutton Media Arts Department Head
124 Toni Henderson K/1 Assistant
111 Xhosa Frazier US English Teacher