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Having finished an outstanding winter basketball season, we have begun ‘pre-season’ for spring sports!  With the wonderful production of ‘The Wizard of OZ’ taking place through the first weekend of April, we ‘stopped the press’ and held off the ‘opening days’ until this week.  So it is that we are now trying to get back into the ‘swing of things’, and get back on the field for practice!

We are very fortunate to have Roy Verspoor stepping up to take the ultimate frisbee team this spring. This will be a young group which will rebuild and maintain the tradition that WDS has become known for in the ultimate frisbee world! With a short six match schedule, they will begin play this week against the Darrow ‘Ducks’!  Good luck to them as they keep this tradition alive!

Our lacrosse program is also off to a belated start; but showing signs of growth and maturity!  We will actually play five games as a high school team this spring, with the likes of Darrow, Woodhall, and Rondout’s U-16 group.  We hope to scrimmage with Kildonan as well; as they try to ‘re-start’ their program. Good luck to the high school lax players!

We will also continue to offer our Friday tennis club, thanks to the gracious offer of the Zena Rec facility.  This group will also get a chance to ‘rally’ with Oakwood, and hopefully Kildonan!  So; we are OFF to the spring time – we hope a time ‘in the sun’!

Curt Evans, A.D.

Written by jdiers · · Community Update, Curtis' Corner, School News, Upper School Updates
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