Financial Aid

Currently Accepting Applications for the 2019/20 School Year

Objective:    To provide tuition assistance for students already accepted to Woodstock Day School who would otherwise not be afforded the opportunity.  This program is needs-based. This helps to achieve and engage students with differing strengths, interests, cultures, ethnicity, social and economic backgrounds to form a diverse student mission-appropriate population and community.

Section I:  Financial Qualification

The student has been accepted and deemed mission-appropriate for enrollment at WDS.

In order to qualify for financial aid, all returning families must complete the financial aid program administered by TADS (see link) no later than January 13 for the upcoming school year (This deadline is for RETURNING WDS families only).  This includes the submission of ALL required documentation to TADS, which will include but not limited to Tax Form 1040(s), W-2(s), 1099(s) and applicable letters of explanation.  Woodstock Day School feels that the investment in a child’s education is the responsibility of both parents/guardians.  Applications for aid must be completed by both parties regardless of separation or divorce status, unless the location of a party is deemed unknown.

myTADSFinancial Aid Worksheet

Section II:  Tuition Indebtedness

All tuition must be paid in full by June 1 of the current year to be qualified for financial aid for the following school year along with a completed and fully executed enrollment contract.

Section III:  Timely Tuition Payments

Tuition payments must be maintained on a current basis.  WDS reserves the right to revoke financial aid for any family who does not maintain a current status on their tuition obligation(s).  Should financial aid be revoked for this reason, the family’s indebtedness to the school will increase by the revoked amount and will become due as part of the current year’s tuition.  WDS maintains a 30, 60, 90 day tuition payment policy.  After 90 days, the student’s enrollment will be suspended until the tuition account is brought current.

Section IV:  Allocation of Financial Aid

The allocation of financial aid is on a needs basis as calculated by the program’s third party service provider.  Each year the Board of Trustees will review tuition fees and determine the percentage of expected tuition revenue WDS can afford to allocate toward the financial aid program.  This determination will occur in the fall of each year for the next school year.

Each fall, all student families who are current recipients of financial aid, and who are maintaining their tuition accounts on a current basis will receive a letter notifying them of the filing dates and checklist to qualify for aid for the next school year.  This will be the triggering event for families to start applying.  It will be to the families benefit to apply early and as thoroughly as possible. All families must reapply each year to qualify for aid for the upcoming school year.

Financial aid will be allocated once need is determined by the school’s service provider and will be prioritized as follows until the pool is depleted:

1.      Existing enrolled students where need has been evidenced and quantified.

2.      Newly accepted students where need has been evidenced and quantified.

Section V:  Woodstock Day School Tuition Hardship Policy

WDS recognizes that student families may experience an unexpected unplanned catastrophic event causing tuition payments to fall in arrears.  If the student is in good standing and the family does not have a prior history of late payments, the Tuition Hardship Policy may be an avenue for the family to request further tuition dispensation after they have exhausted all means available under this Financial Aid Policy.  Under such circumstance, families must request a copy of the Tuition Hardship Policy and Program from the program administrator and follow all steps outlined.  The Tuition Hardship Policy is administered on a demonstrated needs basis and within any WDS budget limitations.  Applications are reviewed and voted on by a Board of Trustees appointed committee.  All decisions by the committee are final and the proof of burden lay strictly on the applying family.  Decisions are also incumbent upon WDS budgetary limitations.

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