2016-17 Welcome letter from Kara

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Welcome, all, to WDS 2016-2017!


There are so many exciting things happening on our campus. Here are just a few of the highlights:


A new school schedule that features hour-long blocks, and fewer periods in a day. This means more time for the kind of learning that supports inquiry and discovery, and the kind of project-oriented learning environment that characterizes a progressive school.


A new After School Enrichment program. Our first session’s offerings include parkour, dance and tumbling, hip hop & kickboxing, robotics, wilderness skills, and a journalism course taught by an award-winning journalist.


Many new course offerings for 7th – 12th Grades. In the arts alone, 7th and 8th Grades have new electives including drama, digital music, and vocal ensemble. New Upper School offerings include architecture (in which they’ll be designing our new Science Center) and sculpture, taught on our campus by an artist from the Woodstock School of Art. In both groups, these are new additions to an existing rich array of arts electives.


A new science program end-to-end, developed by leading science educators around the country, supported by the National Science Foundation, and aligned with the Next Generation Science Standards. Completely in line with a progressive philosophy of education, our students, from big to little, will be engaged in working in our woods, pond, and in classrooms as scientists. We are also introducing supplemental units in each age group that will teach students the engineering design process.


A new student information system. This one is a little more obscure, because it’s about infrastructure. The new SIS will transform the capacity of the administrative team to manage the various logistics of running a school. It will also provide a parent portal, allowing parents much easier and more immediate access to information about what’s happening in their children’s classes and how their children are doing in school.


The year feels full of promise. New programs reflect our capacity to evolve in response to the needs of our constituent groups, and to stay fresh and relevant in an always changing world. At the core of all of our new programs, and all of our ongoing ones, is the mission and the spirit of Woodstock Day School, those essential traits that make this school so special.


Looking forward to a productive, satisfying year of teaching and learning for all!


All the best,

Kara Stern

Head of School


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