A Community of Learners

From Head of School David Penberg, Ph.D

WDS is a community of learners, students and teachers alike, actively dedicated to the acquisition and application of knowledge, insight and understanding. We honor every student and their unique dispositions, styles, and unique set of attributes as learners. There is no uniform or lockstep model. There is only the insatiable desire to continue learning.

The linchpin to community life is built on a foundation of respect and regard for individual and collective responsibility. We are a school that breeds civility, goodness, a profound regard for humanity, and the dignity of every individual. Aligned with becoming educated is cultivating civility, generosity, caring, and compassion.

Collaboration is the thread that runs through the fabric of the community. From adults to students to parents, we are an interdependent community; the ecology of relationships and effectiveness is based on a learned capacity to share, to delegate, to cooperate, and to work together.

We learn to do by doing. Knowledge takes root when it’s planted in experience. We believe children are natural-born learners. We believe that an educator’s greatest challenge isn’t to teach children, but rather to create an environment that keeps their inherent curiosity intact. The classroom serves as an ideal place for children to explore, experiment, fail, learn and grow, both as individuals and as a group.

In an atmosphere of intellectual discipline and creativity, we believe that meaningful learning requires diligence, dedication, perseverance, and resilience in the face of challenges. This growth mindset is both a skill and disposition which can be taught and reinforced.

We educate integrated human beings. As such, the holistic perspective undergirds a learning environment that balances the physical, social, emotional, and cognitive lives of all students.

A Peek into our World

How do we teach inspiration, imagination, personal growth, mutual respect, community responsibility and self-confidence?

Giving Tuesday
Tuesday, December 3, 2019

Giving Tuesday, is a lovely national movement of giving back that sprang up in direct response to the consumerism of Black Friday and Cyber Monday. 

Your gift to WDS on Giving Tuesday will help bridge the gap between what tuition provides and what it costs to run the school. 

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WDS Middle School Presents Doc Faustus

Its 1984 and Doc Faustus is the most awkward and bullied teen at Hope High until he meets the demon Mephistopheles and sells his soul in exchange for knowledge and fame. When Doc learns that his actions have turned the school upside-down and endangered his friends, he fights to reverse the curse by learning to love himself and others.  This comedic spin on Christopher Marlowes classic is a delightful play for the entire family and offers a zany cast of both mortal and supernatural characters.

Show Times: Friday December 6th at 7pm, Saturday December 7th at 1pm & 6pm

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