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The Upper School


Welcome to the Woodstock Day School Upper School!


Spanning the years between 7th and 12th grade, the WDS Upper School is a community where adolescents can discover and explore their passions for learning in socially mindful and authentic ways. Here students develop their voices and perspectives as they work with teachers to affect positive change and growth in their communities, whether through their writing, artwork, music, scientific inquiry, or technology.


Our core courses and elective courses allow students to dive deeply into content and skills that promote critical thinking, problem- solving, and creativity through a wide variety of subjects and connections with our talented faculty. Students help to develop hands-on projects, engage in meaningful discussions, dive into extensive academic research, and communicate their discoveries to experts in the field. Student projects have ranged from engineering to marine biology, health care politics to student activism, musical productions to guitar recordings. Through student-driven and faculty-supported projects, the Upper School prepares young adults for college, internships, apprenticeships, and whatever else lies ahead.


Along the path of their educational journeys, students are guided by a significant advisory program, strong teacher-student relationships, engaging clubs and athletics, as well as a personalized college placement program.


Come and learn with us.


Matthew J. Essery, Upper School Division Head