Parents’ Association


Parents at Woodstock Day School are highly committed to supporting the students, teachers, and faculty in every way they can to enhance their children's educational experience. Every parent at WDS is automatically a member of the Parents’ Association (PA).


The PA is a place to share ideas, pursue goals, learn from each other and become friends. In agreeing to become part of this community, we ask every household to contribute a minimum of 25 volunteer hours over the course of the school year. We do this to strengthen our bond as a community, to fill-in resource gaps, and to capitalize on the diversity of skills that our parents possess.


The PA is the organization that puts these hours to work for the benefit of the school.


The mission of The Woodstock Day School Parents’ Association is to strengthen the partnership among the administration, faculty, and parents to enhance the overall experience for our children while at school. We focus on promoting open and effective communication between parents and the school and on creating engaging and entertaining activities to foster a greater sense of community.  


Choose the Volunteer Categories that interest you so we can reach out to you as needs arise.


Volunteer Opt In Form


If you have completed some of your volunteer hours, you can fill out a form in the main office, but if you would like to register them online, you can do so here. This method is preferred for efficient tracking of hours.


Register volunteer hours form


The PA would love to hear from you! If you have any comments, suggestions or concerns, please let us know.