Lower School


Welcome to the Woodstock Day School Lower School! Our two primary tasks during these years are to nourish our students’ evolution into independent thinkers, and to create a caring environment for growth and learning.


How do we do this? We emphasize integrated curricular work, where teachers of different disciplines work collectively with students to create rich authentic learning experiences in project-based learning settings. Our TRIBES program is woven into all of our interactions; children explore and define what it means to be an active participant and citizen in our learning community and beyond. The TRIBES agreements of “Mutual Respect”, “Appreciations and Apologies”, Attentive Listening” and “The Right to Pass and Participate” are established throughout our school.


What else makes our program special and engaging? Students love the school-wide Buddy Program that they participate in. In Lower School, this means that our students have both a younger and older buddy to engage with during different weekly group activities. They also love our Drama Residency, which supports students expressing themselves on stage. Ours is a full and rich program that allows for students to explore their individual interests as well as challenge themselves to learn in new ways.


Ceramics, violin, Singapore Math, field trips, science lessons in our garden, woods, and pond – this is a vibrant, child-centered place to learn and thrive. Come visit us and see for yourself!


Allison Mitchell & Jennifer Farmer

Co-LS Division Heads