Welcome from the Head of School

When you walk onto our campus, the first thing you see is our cheerful, bright red Early Childhood Building.  From my office, I can see our youngest students coming and going, from the Kindergarten classroom out to the art room, and then for a romp in their playground.  What a great start to the end-to-end journey that is Woodstock Day School.  It is an engaging, nurturing, lively foundation for an education that will carry your child through 12th Grade.


Step further onto our grounds and you'll discover a rambling, sweet campus, classes housed in colorful buildings around a central green, with breathtaking views of Overlook Mountain.  Pop into the classrooms, and you'll find a community in touch with the earth, and with each other.  Science lessons take place in our garden, woods, and pond, and sledding happens at recess. 


I was educated at, taught and lead in, and wrote my dissertation about storied progressive schools in New York City. At WDS, you will find progressive education done right: children are practicing “real life,” from Nursery School through Upper School, getting the preparation they need to engage as active citizens of our democracy. This kind of education transforms; it invites every young person in the community to participate, to learn, to drive learning, to innovate, to count and be counted. It’s the place I want my own kids to be, and I hope you’ll come for a visit, and see for yourself that it’s the place you want your kids to be, too.


We look forward to seeing you!
Kara Stern, Ph.D.
Head of School

Head of School Kara Stern
Head of School Kara Stern